Our Mission

Through her own medical journey as an amputee and her clinical experiences as a medical professional, Founder- Tina Hurley, recognized the need for further support in the newly disabled population and their loved ones.  The intent of this charity is to spread hope, decrease suffering and to enhance physical/mental viability by providing customized services/ supplies to patients and their families during life changing medical circumstances.

More About Tina

How It All Started


Hi, I’m Tina Hurley (@Tinah214). I am a former gymnast and Division 1 competitive cheerleading athlete.  In 2015 I was diagnosed with a rare blood vessel condition in my legs called Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome after it became increasingly difficult for me to walk and use my calve muscles without pain. Over the past few years, I have had multiple surgeries including muscle debulking, multiple artery bypass grafting, and endovascular artery interventions which were all unsuccessful at getting blood flow to my left leg.

In July 2016, after things got critical and all surgeries had failed, I underwent a left below-knee amputation to regain some quality of life. I suffered a complicated post-operative course resulting in a large wound requiring significant wound care for 8 months prior to a revision amputation in March 2017. I again had wound issues and my residual limb anatomy did not allow for prosthetic progression.


I have taken up adaptive Cross-fit and qualified for one of the largest international competitions in the world (@wodapaloozafitnessfestival) that I placed 2nd at in Miami, Florida. As I sit here writing this bio, I am in Switzerland after being invited to tour Europe with the US Paralympic bobsled team.  While racing down the ice in the bobsled yesterday while the Swiss Alps opened up in front of me I was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment and pride in my ability to persevere. I used to fear for my future and was unsure how to survive with my set of circumstances. Now I realize I cannot only survive, but thrive while secondarily inspiring others by simply living my best life despite my challenges. I’ve lived through repeated trauma, tremendous loss, and core shattering pain… but this is not my story. My story is one of adaptation, enhancement and the pursuit of inner happiness. It is a story about the realization that life is not about finishing with 10 fingers or 10 toes; it is about developing inner constancy, building virtue in yourself, and being of service to the world.

I have chosen to be a product of my decisions not a result of my circumstances through seizing moments, creating memories, connecting to my community, traveling, submerging in enriching activities and soul searching via introspection and periodic honest self confrontation to further build my character. I have never loved myself this much and have never found myself surrounded by such amazing people as door after door swings open to greet me with unforeseen opportunity. Our futures are all uncertain but, by keeping a positive outlook, finding silver linings, maintaining a can-do attitude and becoming adept at adapting, we can create a life without limitations. In honoring the following, we can live our best lives: love yourself, love each other, dream big and never give up!

The Story Continued…

I had another amputation revision, which has gone well and will, after 13 surgeries, hopefully have been the last of the left leg surgical saga.  My right leg is next up on the docket once the left leg stabilizes further. Despite the unfortunate nature of medical status, I truly have never been happier or more fulfilled. Heading into my future I realize, the more leg they take from me, the more heart I gain. You see, I have gained far more than I’ve lost… which is quite a statement given the concomitant loss of my marriage, house and dogs after my first amputation.

Our Team

 Our team is dedicated  to offloading suffering for people who have been afflicted with disabilities. 

Tina Hurley

Founder & Executive Director


Tina Hurley is the founder and executive director of Less Leg More Heart.  She is an exercise physiologist, nationally certified physician assistant, amputee, nationally recognized adaptive athlete and speaker. Through her own medical journey, and experiences working in the medical field, she identified additional areas to support people with disabilities that manifested into the mission of this charity.

Haley Demyanovich

How It All Started

Tina and I grew up together. Since the age of about 6 years old, we did gymnastics together and from that early age, we had a friendship like no other. Throughout the course of our lives, we have remained close in spite of our geographical distances. Watching your best friend journey through the decision to amputate her leg in an attempt to gain back quality of life, watch through struggles and revisions, and finding a new “normal” wasn’t easy. But this girl, has determination like no other, and incredible drive to help others. When she asked if I would be a part of her Less Leg More Heart (LLMH) journey, I agreed without hesitation.

My Background

With a background in psychology and Orthopaedic trauma, I thrive on helping others recover from severe trauma both emotionally and physically. The mission of LLMH aligns perfectly with my own personal set of values, that is, advocating for people who are temporarily unable or not sure where to begin to advocate for themselves, assist by injecting positivity into situations which seem hopeless, and being a part of the positive trajectory that comes with healing. My “why” for supporting this wonderful organization, is not only my immeasurable love for its founder, but for the hope and healing it has the potential to do.

Jeff Van Den Hoek


I have a long held belief that in order to achieve anything you must work as if it depends on you and pray as if it depends on God. Consistent, focused hard work coupled with a higher purpose is the secret sauce. When I learned of LLMH, and how they help individuals affected with disabilities by giving them both personal agency and providing a support system, I knew I wanted to be part of this mission.
I am originally from St. Louis Missouri but I call Texas home. I am married and have three adult children – all native Texans.
I have worked in the Trade Show and Live Event industry for more than 25 years and help companies engage with their customers through face to face marketing.

Will Tate


Will is a native Texan but had the privilege of living in many different locations as he grew up.  Entering the USAF Fire/Rescue community as a 19yr old afforded him the opportunity to study and work alongside some of the best and brightest leaders that the US military had to offer.  During and after military service Will owned and operated several (17) different businesses, along with volunteering for several Veteran focused non profit organizations.

More About Will

Will, is currently a multi-unit Franchisee for a national restaurant chain, contracts for an international private security firm, is a volunteer trainer for Adaptive Training Foundation, and has a screen printing and custom clothing shop in Flower Mound, Texas.

Terry Freeman



When Terry Freeman engages in her work as Secretary/Treasurer for the non-profit organization Less Leg More Heart, she is doing so much more than drafting minutes and expanding upon her 17 years of experience as an office manager and 14 years in education. Terry is the mother of Christina Hurley; founder of Less Leg More Heart charity and has been by her side throughout her many surgeries, rehabilitation’s, and emotional blows as she endured (and wrestled mightily against) setbacks and physical and personal loss again and again. For Terry, every person she can help is akin to helping her own daughter, and she knows the pain of their suffering. Like Tina, Terry shares her affinity for empathy borne of deeply personal experience.

Terry is devoted to being a vital part of a wonderful team of people who are dedicated to the importance of providing much needed support, thoughtful guidance, resources, and medical advocacy for patients and families that are struggling under the burden of traumatic events.


Terry has many interests, including rowing and helping to organize major events for her beloved sport. But at her core is a fierce devotion to the well-being of those whom she loves and a maternal desire to love those whom she helps. She has joined her daughter and a team of admirable individuals in the never-ending quest to provide healing, help and hope to others.